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My original exposure to Chvrches was through Forza Horizon 2. Their single “The Mother We Share” quickly became one of my favorite songs on the entire soundtrack. The flaw with their debut album The Bones of What You Believe is the strength of that single. Personally, it overshadowed everything else on the album. Chvrches’ sophomore release, Every Open Eye, lacks that type of single.

I couldn’t be happier about it.


The combination of Lauren Mayberry’s smooth vocals with an, at times, dark synth undertone coming from within the music create a sense of wonder and discovery. Each song is able to find a way to relate to both your mood and the environment. Imagine if you combined Matt And Kim’s “Daylight” with Dance With the Dead’s “Poison“. It’s an eclectic mix that’s able to ring throughout your bones.

Lacking such a strong single does feel problematic at times. It’s tough to pin-point a certain moment of the album that stands out. Instead, everything blends together. It’s as if Chvrches is that DJ at a rave who exploits the “last song” loophole before playing a 50+ minute track. Some may find this disappointing. Others, myself included, will be extremely happy. This works due to the album’s length, clocking in at 42:02. Every Open Eye knows how to value our time, valuing it instead of trying to shove hooks down our throats. We’re instead able to ease into the music at our own convenience, allowing the listener the time to form their own opinions.

Perhaps the biggest takeway from Every Open Eye is the fact that Chvrches has proven capable of releasing another fantastic album. That’s all that truly matters in the end, right?

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