The Mummy Online Open Beta Awakens

The Mummy franchise will always be one of my favorite movie franchises. I grew up watching the first two films pretty frequently and have fond memories of those times. So when I discovered a press release for The Mummy Online in my inbox, I was legitimately interested.

First, there is a chance to get into the closed beta, here:

The game is being described as an action adventure RPG and is set in the Mummy universe which means there will finally be a game set in Egypt (seriously there are not enough games in this setting). It will also be free to play.

Players of the game get to select their allegiance to either the raiders or cultists and a class based upon the chosen allegiance. Raiders can be gunslingers, brawlers, or scholars while cultists can be assassins, enforcers, or priests.

The normal MMO bullet points of PvE, PvP, learning skills and special abilities, and loot are also there.

The areas of the game are based on real areas of Egypt but will feature scarabs, scorpions, Anubis warriors, the band Incubus, and mummies to fight.

The closed beta is expected to last several weeks with waves of new players being added in as time goes on. An open beta will follow shortly after the closed beta, well, closes.

Official description from Bigpoint, the developer:

With treasure and fortune at stake, this is an epic battle worth fighting.  The Mummy Online is the new, free-to-play action-adventure RPG inspired by the blockbuster movie franchise, challenging you to fight in this fun, cooperative and fast-paced new 3D isometric game.  Following the events portrayed in The Mummy film franchise, mummies, and monsters have been released into the lands.  You assume the role of a Raider: on the hunt for riches and treasure or a Cultist: seeking mastery over dark powers.

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