Mortal Kombat for PS Vita Releases May 1st

  • Killar09

    Good news, been waiting for this..

  • Maggie Saucier

    Well, Im just a teenager that likes his previous games and i love to perform Mortal Kombat and i’ve been downloading Mortal Kombat video games and Mortal Kombat videos on youtube.
    But I always wished to perform online to perform versus other people but I never know how.

  • Heidi Cabrera

    Coz shortly I Am gonna get a piano..and I want to understand to play mortal kombat coz its so cool! 🙂 But b4 I do that I have 2 discover the standard 1st lol. But it seem easy 2 me. Mortal kombat is really awsome and I just want to learn how to perform it. Can any person tell me what the notes are plz? Only for standard piano tho. Thxs for helping.

  • Lorrie Lauro

    There will be a Mortal Kombat tournament this June 10. I want to use scorpion,but what if they discover a weakness.I want a second character. Help!

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    I lately acquired Mortal Kombat 9, and am working on obtaining all possible achievments, but the a single I struggle most with, are the ones where you ought to achieve the mastery of all feasible characters (My Kung Fu Is Stronger-60G). How do you obtain mastery??

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    Please help me figure out which of these 3 Mortal Kombat video game characters is the most popular. Me and my friends were debating on it, and no matter how much we search, we cannot find a result for this. So please help out.

    The Characters Are:

    Please put them in order from Most popular (Top) to least popular (Bottom)

    Thanks Fellow Video Game fans.

  • The Dark Knight

    did you know there gonna make another Mk movie I bet this time its gonna be even better with technology I love mortal kombat and can’t wait till I start taking Ta kown do my fav person is Scorpion there will also be a street fighter the movie new one soon hopefully this is good to

  • Dark_LovexXx

    Well, Im just a teenager that likes his old games and i love to play Mortal Kombat and i’ve been downloading Mortal Kombat games and Mortal Kombat videos on youtube.
    But I always wanted to play online to play against other people but I don’t know how.

  • Sonny

    I am a grandfather. I like development games and I promise to my grandson to buy him a handheld game system. What is the best handheld game system for a 10 years old boy, the SONY PSP or the NINTENDO DS or something else?

  • The Inc

    I am doing a project for school (12th grade sci fi class) to make a plan in case of a zombie attack. You need to make a emergency kit, and I was wondering what type of radio (handheld) would be best to use in a zombie invasion? One that would contact the widest variety of people (police, government, one that recieves a channel of an emergency, etc etc etc). Thanks for answering!

  • Brody S

    I remember seeing commercials for this thing from Walmart. I remember it was a handheld, green, and something about green energy or enviornmental friendly. Not really sure. For some reason I keep thinking its a steam cleaner or shampooer.I remember the commercial showing a woman using it on the stairs and that it was roughly around the price of $50.00. I’ve looked online and at the store. Does anyone have any idea what it was? Or the brand or anything?

  • white man

    I am not looking for an bulky cameras like big Nikons or Canons. I simply am looking for a good handheld camera to take pictures with at places like the beach, sports fields, etc. Please give as many options as you can. Thanks!

  • Melanie

    My husband needs a new handheld organiser, which may be a smartphone but the primary function is to act as a daily organiser. I have no clue what the latest is on the handhelds, but he is looking for something sleek and not as bulky as a traditional blackberry. If you are going to include a mobile phone in the top 10 list, please make sure that it is GSM enabled, and it is available in the UK. Thanks!

  • Hotshot t

    I have tile throughout my apartment, and I have 2 cats (one long hair, one short hair)… what handheld vacuum is under $30 (list price if you know it) and has a good enough suction to get the hairs?
    I looked on, but most reviews of $30- handheld vacuums said they werent strong enough when it came to the suction.

    Or any other tips/tricks to get tons of hair off the couches?

  • Ray D

    I want to buy and handheld GPS unit but I don’t want to spend a TON of money, so what is the unit that is the best quality that is a decent price? The ‘best bang for your buck’ as the saying goes