Moonlighter: Top Down Dungeon-Delving Sword-Swinging Fun!


Fans of the first installment in the Zelda series probably have a soft spot for other top down adventure based games, the exploration, challenge and adventure they bring is a unique and entertaining experience; Digital Sun Games is bringing that back with their new game Moonlighter.It’s hard not to be excited about Moonlighter after watching the opening and some alpha game play footage. You play as Will, a shopkeeper in a town called Rynoka who dreams of becoming a hero. To manage his shop and keep his business afloat, he has to venture into The Gates, portals to other realms, which hold loot for him to bring home and profit on. Each realm/dungeon you enter has a different theme and the dungeons are randomly generated which only adds to the sense of adventure!


The items, armor and weapons in-game are all upgrade-able, Digital Sun Games goes into great detail about how each weapon can be beefed up or enchanted to make crawling through dungeons easier. Moonlighter has no leveling system so players will have to rely on their upgraded materials, with so many options in weapons and armor there’s a good chance you’ll find some you vibe with. The development team has taken such time and care in creating this world for the player, there are so many elements and subtleties in the game that you can’t help but be a little impressed by the commitment.


Digital Sun Games has a Kickstarter page if you want to check out full details on the game and they’re looking for backers, Moonlighter is looking to release on PC and Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. The game has a lot of potential and even more charm so show some support and help this indie gem get polished!

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