Monzo: Virtual Model Making on the Go

Madfinger Studio have announced their new game for iOS and Android in the form of a game called Monzo where you, the player, make virtual models of various different vehicles. If you have an interest in making models but, perhaps like me, are a tad incompetent when it comes to DIY this might be the app for you.

Madfinger claim that they’ve done all they can to make Monzo realistic, with accurate visuals and animations to make it as ‘true to life’ as possible. They also claim that it can be used educational due to it’s realistic construction process. The models include things such as choppers, sports cars and even a vintage speedster.

You first assemble your model using materials of your choice, then paint it in a color of your choosing, then you have the option of sharing your model to various social networks, including Facebook. Madfinger also place emphasis on the buying and unpacking of the model, saying that that’s one of the most important aspects of model building.

Monzo Chopper box
The inside of the chopper model

From the screenshots and trailer that have been released so far we would say that they seem to achieved their goals, it does indeed look visually good and the animations appear realistic. Hopefully it will translate well to the final release. Controls will be fairly simple, most likely just using the touchscreen to select from a page of parts and/or colors.

There’s no release date for Monzo currently, with Madfinger Studio‘s website only saying “coming soon” which, admittedly, could mean anything as mobile games don’t tend to have a huge period of time between announcement and release. There doesn’t appear to be a Windows Phone version planned. Whether we see much more information before the release of the final version but if there is we will bring you the latest. Is this something that appeals to you?


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