Monster Hunter Generations Info Update!

Monster Hunter

July 15th is fast approaching and those of us looking forward to Monster Hunter Generations are wondering what will be shipped in the localized version of the game? What can we expect from ice mammoths, t-rex sword monsters and bubble-fox dragons? Game Fanatics has the answers to these important questions.

Monster Hunter X as it’s called in Japan launched earlier this year and already the Japanese have gotten some of that sweet Monster Hunter DLC. Monster Hunter Generations actually started development around the same time as Monster Hunter 4, the developers chose to release the games at staggered times in order to perfect the existing game mechanics and weapons rather than add new ones all together. As we’ve gone over in previous articles the addition of hunting styles and specific weapon skills will allow players to switch up their approach to combating a monster.

Monster Hunter
Mizutsu-need it in my life.

Four new flagship monsters will be featured in this game: Gammoth who is essentially an enormous mammoth (in case the name Gammoth didn’t give that away), Glavenus a t-rex with a sword-like tail, Astalos which is kinda like a Witch King pterodactyl and the Mizutsune the bubble fox dragon/amazing thing. All these new monsters will give hunters brand new armor/weapon options and of course there will still be a bunch of your old favourites – it wouldn’t be a Monster Hunter title without a Rathalos.

Monster Hunter

The west is going to miss out on some DLC, developers at Capcom have stated it won’t be possible to bring some of the costume packs to North America; in exchange we get our own exclusive Fire Emblem and Ōkami costumes! At the moment the game has no plans to move over to consoles like we saw in Monster Hunter 3 or be compatible with Amiibo, never the less we can’t wait to suit up and punch a Nargacuga in the throat!

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