Monster Hunter Generations Demo now Available in the Eshop

For all you Hunters out there who are itching to get back in the fight Capcom has just released a Monster Hunter Generations Demo on the Nintendo Eshop!

Monster Hunter Generations launches later this month and a good way to get accustomed to the action is by playing the demo and getting a feel for the new game. I’ve gone over – in previous MHG posts – that the game has undergone some serious combat changes since Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Those of us who are accustomed the last game should maybe consider giving the demo a try, it never hurts to brush up on monster bustin’.

The game hits North American shores on July 15th and I’m honestly running out of things to say on it. I’ve covered the basics of weapons thanks to Arrekz Gaming and I’ve gone over upcoming DLC. If you’re not so pumped you can barely contain yourself, I can’t help you.

So look for the forward to the full review on Monster Hunter Generations when it comes out cause you can bet it’s gonna be super jazzy and excited!

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