Monster Hunter: All Aboard the Hype Train!

Monster Hunter

Since it’s release in Japan in November of 2015, fans of Monster Hunter have been waiting tensely clutching their Brachydios plushies wondering when Generations is going to be localized for the west.

Bad news is, we don’t know any exact dates yet. Good news? We know it’s summer sometime. So there’s that.

But let’s start compiling hype here, a lot has been revamped. Hunters are going to have a lot of ways to customize and optimize how they deal with monsters.

There’s tons to cover in new combat content with the addition of 4 different hunting styles: Aerial, Adept(Bushido), Guild, and Striker which is certainly going to mix up Monster Hunter as you’re used to.

monster-hunter-generationsThese styles along with unlockable hunting arts will allow players a to choose from a variety of flashy and devastating attacks to add skills, pressure and damage. Each weapon is privy to a set a unique hunting arts, but there are basic hunting arts for everyone as well.

Thanks to Arekkz Gaming on Youtube, we have a comprehensive link garden of all the weapons we can expect to see in Monster Hunter Generations. He’s done an amazing job at both showcasing each weapons potential hunting arts and styles as well as explaining the game play and what hunters can expect from each weapon. His Weapon Work Shop series has covered a majority of all 14 weapons, except the Light Bow Gun and the Heavy Bow Gun.

Start by browsing through, check out which weapon fits your play style and make sure to stay tuned to his channel for the remaining 2 weapons, because it’s only going to get more intense from here!

HammerHunting HornInsect GlaiveGreat SwordSword and ShieldDual BladesLong SwordGunlanceLanceCharge BladeSwitch Axe, and Bow.


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