Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is Gearing Up For a Patch (Before it even Comes Out)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate hasn’t even been released yet but that isn’t stopping Capcom from talking about a post launch patch.

It is a bit strange to announce a patch for a game that has yet to come out but this update isn’t messing around. First it is going to allow cross region play between the American and European version of the game. This is pretty cool because now there should be someone online to play with regardless of the time of day. It will also allow you to play the game entirely on the Wii U game pad which is something I’d like to see every Wii U game do. They will also support the game with free new quests for ‘several months.’

Capcom is saying that the update is in reaction to player feedback. Well this probably marks one of the quickest times a developer has reacted to– what I can only assume is– feedback to the demo that came out last week. Also, make sure to check out what I thought of the demo.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released March 19 for Wii U and 3DS. This patch is set to be available roughly a month after launch.

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