Mom Charged For Choking Son Over Christmas Videogames

This takes violence caused by videogames and discipline failures to a whole new level.

Apparently, Jutina Tillman’s son refused to listen to his mom and continued playing the videogames he got for Christmas. Instead of raising her voice or taking any other appropriate disciplinary action, Jutina decided to smash her son’s videogames. She then proceeded to drag him to his room and give him a lot of unfriendly neck hugs.

I think that’s a bit of an overkill, considering he just wanted to play his videogames and it’s only a few days after Christmas.

Jutina’s 13-year-old daughter, hearing her brother’s cries, tried to push Jutina off of her son. Instead of realizing that she may be killing her son, Jutina decided to threaten her other child… with a butcher knife.

When Jutina’s son attempted to run for it, she grabbed him by the neck and held a knife to his chest, probably deciding that since she already probably broke a few child abuse laws… hell, why not break them all and make it a record?

Eventually, the 13-year-old daughter was able to call 911 and get a hold of the police. According to the two children, Jutina had been–surprise–drinking all night. Oh, and she still has the nerve to claim that

 “All of these charges are not true… My daughter is very manipulative. She got caught having sex. She got in trouble for it. She called the police That’s what happened.”

Well, innocent until proven guilty right? I don’t know. You’ve got to have done some pretty crappy things for your five-year-old to start tattling on you.

Thanks, Mail Online.

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