The Mobile Game Fanatic | QuizUp is My New Addiction

Every once in a while I get my hands on a mobile game that sucks up all of my free time, as well as the battery life on my smartphone (primarily because it becomes the longest-running app). QuizUp is one of those games.

Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Well, most likely. But are you smarter than your peers on social networks? What about people from the other side of the world…or…Canada? Developed by Plain Vanilla Games, QuizUp is a game with very simple basics: you pick a topic, select a friend (read: opponent), and you play (read: annihilate)!



This is how it works: players earn XP after each game, the specific number of points you earn is based on certain factors: number of correct answers, speed of your answer, did you win or lose, etc. You’ve got 6 rounds and 1 additional bonus round which doubles your points. Knowledge is of course a huge factor, but speed is also key; you get more points the quicker you answer. If you outscore your opponent, you win the game.

QuizUp Social

With over 400 topics to choose from and almost a quarter of a million questions, you can battle your friends in real time to see who really knows their stuff. Aside from having bragging rights on the line, you can also claim a ton of great Google Play achievements…I can’t speak for the iOS version, as I’ve been playing QuizUp on Android. Though, built in to the game is a worldwide leader board, as well as chat and discussions…chat is awesome for trash talking, and/or networking, choose your pick. Another neat feature is the way players procure titles. Every 10th level in a category gets you a new title which can be displayed under your name. These are pretty creative and garner a chuckle here and there, for instance, my current title is Cocoa Puffer. Exactly.

QuizUp for Everyone

QuizUp is quite literally the trivia sensation that’s sweeping the nation, or at least my friends on social media. You can download QuizUp for FREE in the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you’ve got it, tweet me so we can go head-to-head ;).

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