New Minecraft Snapshot Build Available, Things Get Hardcore

For those not in the know, every once in a while the nice folks at Mojang like to release a snapshot of the upcoming builds – Today is one of those days! Snapshot 12w06a is available for download, bringing with it a hefty look at some of the changes in the upcoming patch.

Links to download the snapshot build and client server will be featured at the bottom of the post, for now though let’s look at the upcoming changes:

  • Minor fixes and tweaks
  • Doors should now properly detect if they’re open or closed. Existing double doors will need to be re-placed
  • Villagers will head inside at night and during rain to socialize
  • Zombies can (and will) break down your doors on hard mode
  • Meow!!  (More cat sounds!)
  • Mobs move better in water, unfortunately
  • Added Rare mob item drops

As well as these changes Jeb  has been talking about some more radical changes. One such proposed idea will raise the virtual cap on the world, making it possible to build further up. The trouble comes in adding this change to existing worlds, at the moment it’s being worked on but it may be a while before you can start building those skyscrapers.

Download links:

Snapshot Client –

Snapshot Client Server –


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