The New Minecraft Mob is Unbearably Cute

Minecraft is one of those games that manages to surprise me with each update, they can literally do no wrong.

So the latest pre-release client is out for the next major content update and the internet is in awe of the games new mob. What kind of creature could bring the internet to its knee’s you ask? A 10-foot ogre maybe? What about a huge sea-monster? Nope, wrong. The answer is in fact, Ocelots. That’s right…Ocelots.


This latest addition to the world of Minecraft  seems to act much in the same way as wolves, in that they’re tamable and will follow you around. They’re generally found in the jungle biomes and they’re baby versions are freaking adorable.

There’s no word on what other features will be included in this update, and honestly I’m okay with that. Looking at previous time schedules you can expect the official update within a week or two. Till then you can either download the pre-release client yourself or just watch the following video and squee until you have no air left in your lungs. I know what I’ll be doing.

(Hint: I’m not downloading the pre-release client)


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