Minecraft Could Change the Face of XBL

  • Anne Felton

    To establish the body of Shaymus who has been badly burnt. Paddy seems first,turns the human body more than and says”No,that’s not him” Mick then looks,turns the entire body over “No that is not Shaymus’s body” Document asks”How can you be so sure?” Paddy replies”When we all went out together,folks utilised to say ahh this is Shaymus with the two a rseholes”

  • homerliveshere

    OK So I brought the game the first day it came out.
    It was good but then when the game was loading a little sort of tip came up at the bottom saying: “We think 4J studios has removed Herobrine from the game but were not too sure.”
    Does anyone know if he is in the game?!

  • John

    My financial aid was just sent to the DOE Direct Loan for certification for a stafford graduate loan. My Master Promissory Note
    and everything has been signed and done. I’m just now waiting for the “certification” process. I’m not a first time borrower so
    I’m assuming it should be relatively quick.

    Does anyone know tha approximate lenght of time (particularly now in March) for the department of education to certify a
    direct stafford loan once all necessary paperwork is completed and the school has sent it in to them?

  • Mike

    10 points for a link, I need it for a school research project.

  • thinkthought

    In your own words, describe the intent of certification in the clean room software engineering context.

  • josh12rox

    my credit was approved im just waitin becuz the application says its waiting on the certification process
    no my classes haven’t started yet
    i start in september
    i just got a letter in the mail from them and it had like a copy of my application that i have to bring to my financial aid office so they can fill out the bottom portion and then i have to mail it back

  • Flash Funk

    I have passed 3 sections of this Certification exam but I have 4 more exams to go to be fully certified.

    @KMcG: Good idea!!

  • Johnky J

    We have not got CCC certificate before.We don’t know how to?

  • llb443

    how long until i know if im approved? i know most ppl get approved for this even if u dont have any credit.

  • Xedo

    It says that the application is complete and certification is in process. Does that mean I got denied or approved?


  • Jason

    Hi i would like to know the whole certification Process

  • Andres C

    Personal experiences welcomed.

  • Ryan Dunn

    I am currently 26 and going back to school to receive a dual MBA/Management Information Systems degree. What is the process? Do I become certified as a CCNP, work for a few years, and then become certified? I was a teacher, but would like to know if I’m not too late to enter the IT field and pursue these certifications.

  • The Dark Knight

    I like to get my certification for A+ certification from the CompTIA

    I am in Canada. I am confused on the exact process to go and book a test.
    My testing centre is at Confederation College.

    I would like to know who do I contact first and pay money to?

    Do I buy a voucher first from CompTIA for the A+ then contact my testing centre?

    Help please?