Microsoft TV Device to be Released for Xbox in 2013

A Microsoft TV device is currently under development as an alternative to purchasing a next-gen Xbox console, instead allowing buyers to purchase a device for core entertainment avenues with video streaming and a more casual gaming experience.

This launch is in hopes of adding a new direction for Microsoft to expand toward, maintaining and furthering it’s presence throughout households, and not just in the office.  This device will be part of an either/or option for consumers, offering a less pricey alternative to the core next-gen console. It falls in line with the recent desire from console manufacturers to take over the living room.

Microsoft TV Device to be Released for Xbox in 2013

Streaming will be provided on this device, and though specs haven’t been confirmed, the intention is for a gaming experience with less system-taxing titles, more designed as a new type of entertainment than a replacement for the Xbox.  A design for an auto-resume feature, or “always on”, for fast booting is in the works as well.

Microsoft TV will run a version of Windows 8, the hope being that this device will further Microsoft’s scope, allowing for a scalable technology across multiple platforms, in an attempt to keep a firm standing in the next-gen console market.

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