Microsoft Renames the Xbox Marketplace: Introducing the Xbox Games Store

Shortly before the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has decided to rename the Xbox Marketplace to the more user-friendly Xbox Games Store.  Providing Xbox users an easier way to find content on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, the Xbox Games Store focuses solely on games and will stand alongside the Xbox Music Store and the Xbox Video Store.

Just recently, Microsoft decided to do away with the “points” system, and simply accepts dollars and cents transactions now, when it comes to purchasing and downloading content from the Xbox Games Store.  For answers to any questions you may have about this change, refer to the official Xbox support FAQ here!

The release of the Xbox One brings an entirely new focus on games.

“Instead of splitting games into various channels based on their type – indie games, Xbox Live Arcade games, retail games, etcetera – Microsoft now plans to list games as is; just games.” – PCMAG

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Phil Harrison, Microsoft‘s corporate-vice-president, stated:

“In the past we had retail games which came on disc, we had Xbox Live Arcade and we had Indie Games, and they had their own discrete channels or discrete silos. With Xbox One and the new marketplace, they’re games. We don’t make a distinction between whether a game is a 50-hour RPG epic or whether it is a puzzle game or whether it is something that fits halfway between the two– Just games, right.”

The Xbox One will be available in November of this year.

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