Microsoft to Deliver Two 'Bundles' of Joy for Xbox One

To compete against Sony’s Sept. 9th release of a white PlayStation 4 console bundled with Destiny, Microsoft recently announced that they will be releasing two console bundles; an Xbox One packaged with EA’s Madden NFL 15 and the same console packaged with Insomniac GamesSunset Overdrive.

Microsoft delivered a press conference earlier last week to announce the two bundles. The first of the two packages will feature a stand alone Xbox One console, without the Kinect addition, and an activation code that will allow players to download football simulator, Madden NFL 15. The great thing about this particular bundle is the $399 price tag, which means that players purchasing this Xbox One exclusive package will essentially be getting the console and a free game for the regular price of the standalone version of the Xbox One that was released earlier this year. The bundle is set to release on Aug. 26th, which is right around the corner!


And of course, there’s the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundle. Microsoft wasn’t able to shell out too much detail over this particular package, but what we know so far is that the company will be taking a number out of Sony’s book by bundling the game with the white Xbox One console. The combination of Microsoft’s white knight and Insomniac Games’ upcoming and beautifully crafted title has yet to receive a release date, but given that Sunset Overdrive will hit shelves on Oct. 28th, fans could expect a release of the bundle by then. We’re crossing our fingers that this bundle will be similar to the aforementioned Madden NFL 15 bundle.

Microsoft is definitely looking at a giant piggy bank of an income with these two bundles in motion for a release, but it sure as heck will make it harder for gaming fans to decide which of these shiny white consoles to get first. A couple of us at The Game Fanatics have already decided on getting both.



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