Microsoft Gives Consumers a Preview of Windows 8 Today

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  • Cpt.Mctavish

    Always wondered if this game was any good…

  • V.Tiger

    I love this game~

  • panteraclaw

    Im sure you had fun writing this article eh? 😉

  • Sean Jacobs

    i know windows is component of microsoft but why are they they set together in some items like microsoft windows. cos im undertaking an assignment that says pick a TNC organization such as mc’donalds, addidas, qantas, microsoft etc.. but it says microsoft windows in some of the stuff so i require to know if i can do that and whats the difference?

  • Anne Felton

    I had a free trial of microsoft expression world wide web 2 for class, but it has expired so now I’m making an attempt to get the software. I looked on the microsoft website, but I can only find exactly where they are promoting the most recent version, microsoft expression internet 3. I’m asking yourself if there’s considerably of a variation between the two and if I ought to go in advance and get the M. E. Internet 3.
    Any suggestions?

  • Marcia Hester

    I want to purchase stocks for company class. Who at any time can make the most revenue wins the contest

  • Deborah Holliday

    I Am just wondering if it would be value getting stock in a business that Microsoft will most likely acquire or if it would be a undesirable move.

  • Taylor2k

    Windows Mail is the email program that comes with Windows Vista. It was the replacement to Outlook Express. I want to know if it is possible to keep windows mail if you are a Vista user , and
    all of its emails, mail rules and settings if one upgrades Vista to 7.

  • MexicanDude

    Apparently there was a paper sent to me, but I didn’t read it. Now I have to take the offer by 8/16 if I want to, but, don’t what it is. Appreciate any link to the information or somebody explains to me so I don’t sound too stupid when I call the investment co. It’s only for a couple hundred shares.

  • Andrew S

    I have purchased a microsoft 2007 home and student edition and an external DVD drive. I now need to install the microsoft edition on my new vaio w netbook. Can anyone please advise me how I can do it? The vaio runs on operating system windows xp home edition 32 bit with SP3

  • Motordom

    I need to transfer a map that my mum made in Microsoft Excel to a flier that I made in Microsoft Word. We’ve tried simply copying and pasting it, but it transfers as a graph, which we can’t resize.

    Mostly, we just need to resize the graph and be able to move it around a bit so that it’s where we need it on the flier.

    Thank you!

  • lets roll

    I’ve been hit with 3 pretty bad viruses, causing me to reformat each time. I read on the microsoft office box that the key can be used for up to 3 computers. I’ve used the key 3 times, but on the same computer. I need to reinstall it again. Can I use the same product key if it is on the same computer? I’m talking about microsoft office 2007.

  • Rishabh Bajpai

    I got my 360 replaced in December 2007 by Microsoft, I’m wondering if it’ll have the new Zephyr chips that stop the RROD, or is there a chance it’ll still have the old ones that have a chance of breaking down. Thanks in advance!

  • Squall Leonhart

    My laptop broke and the place that fixed it had to remove and replace the hard drive. This meant I lost all the programs installed on it. Unfortunately, that includes Microsoft Office 2007. But I still have the product key (a 25 digit code). Is it possible, and how can I, reinstall Microsoft Office? I really need it for college work.

  • floydian8717

    I just would like to know why Microsoft has so many different file types to save Word documents?

  • colingrillo

    I have finished typing a paper on Microsoft Word 2007 but i have no printer for that computer, so i emailed it to myself and then went on a computer that runs on Microsoft word 2003 but when i try to take out the document something else comes up. So i want to know how to make the document from Microsoft Word 2007 work on Microsoft word 2003.

  • mike s

    I just got a new laptop but it did not come with Microsoft office installed. I have all of the necessary files on my old computer but tranferring them via flash drive does not seem to work.

    It does not work because I am only moving the files over to the flash drive and not actually installing the Microsoft office onto the flash drive.

    I’d really appreciate the advice I’m in a bind.