Michael Bay's "Black Sails" Series to Air on Starz in 2014

If you are one of the many adrenaline junkies that just can’t get enough of the biggest, action-packed video games and movies, be prepared to receive some love on your television next year.

The new series Black Sails is set to air on Starz in 2014, bringing with it the big budget movie-moments and the explosive creativity that only the executive producer, Michael Bay, can do. But, let us not waste another moment when there’s a trailer to dissect.

Can you see it? This program is certainly paid content for a reason. From the short trailer we can see that this series is set to infuse all of the topics we love to watch, read, and play through: it’s got sex, violence, a hunger for power, and more! What about the pirates. This can be somewhat important to a series that is a precursor to Treasure Island, after all.

Well, simply put, the costumes seem to be on par, and so are the props. The makeup is done well also—being a series about pirates, it seems that Bay and co. really wanted to capture the gritty and gruesomeness that this time exhibited. The story will stay true from the perspective of Captain Flint. So fans of the series and the novel should appreciate this new addition even more.

Michael Bay has been in line to shake up a lot of childhood memories. With his hand almost out of Transformers’ cookie jar, Bay is set to spread himself to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—also set to release in 2014—and now with Black Sails and Treasure Island, it seems that Bay has an interest in older properties.

The eight part first season of Black Sails will aim for your television sets in 2014, so keep a lookout for this uncovered treasure.

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