Max Payne 3 Soundtrack Single "Tears" by HEALTH Now on iTunes

Gamers and music fans alike have been wondering about the composition playing throughout the minute-long Max Payne 3’s commercial since the spot’s airing at the end of April.

Most have since learned about the band HEALTH and their featured track “Tears” from the trailer, but those who wish to have the song in its entirety can access it now by purchasing the single from the iTunes Library.

With the exception of their opening for Nine Inch Nails four years ago, HEALTH has maintained a fairly low profile on the music scene prior to the “who’s-that-band” influx of interest sparked by the Rockstar Games’ release this week. The Los Angeles-based quartet’s primary website at press time appears to be their MySpace profile.

Drawing inspiration from previous game themes, the country of Brazil, and the protagonist’s hometown of New York, HEALTH makes a notable contribution to the  Max Payne 3 soundtrack, encompassing the game’s environment. The down-tempo of “Tear” perfectly accompanies every slow-motion second of the game’s TV spot.

With distorted guitar, synthy choir-like vocals, and reverbed drums, HEALTHs music accentuates the Max Payne 3 story, peppering every scene from a brooding distance, be it an abandoned warehouse or an busy club dance floor.

If you haven’t gotten enough of “Tear” from having the game on pause or idling on the main menu, head over to the iTunes Library to add the song to your playlist today.

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