Massive Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch Incoming

The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt RED has released information on a massive patch for the critically acclaimed RPG earlier this weekend on their forums. Featuring over 90 changes, the patch aims to fix a myriad of bugs, as well as make inventory management easier for players.

One of the most welcomed changes may be the addition of stash points around the map. Prior to this patch, users were limited to what they could carry, and would have to sell off valuable items as they progressed. This was a problem for many players that enjoy collecting higher end equipment and items.

On top of that, the patch brings in a handful of other quality of life adjustments to help players manage their precious loot. A separate tab has been added for books, which would often take up an abundance of space in Geralt’s inventory. Books will also be marked differently depending on if they had been read or not.

Witcher 3 Combat Monster

Lastly, users fond of the crafting mechanics will be pleased to find a new system in place that allows the tagging of specific recipes. When this is done, the patch now enables you to have missing ingredients highlighted, minimizing the amount of back and forth one with need to do between menus to check recipes and merchants stock.

The exact date this latest patch will be implemented has not been stated, though players can look forward to these changes rolling out very soon on all available platforms. The full list of all 90+ additions and changes can be read at The Witcher 3’s official forums.

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