Mass Effect 3 New DLC Teased

Bioware is not quite done with Mass Effect 3 just yet. There could just be another downloadable content on the horizon.

Casey Hudson tweeted on January 28th a picture from what looks like somewhere on the Citadel, saying that it would be a great place for some rest and relaxation. A mere minutes after, Michael Gamble tweeted another picture, a Krogan, informing his followers to not to mess with him. This really should not come as a surprise since shortly after the Omega DLC was released, Bioware hinted at more DLC to come, via Eurogamer. It seems that Omega was created by a secondary team up at Bioware Montreal. For this new, unnamed DLC, the main team is back, a group of eight, along with chief composer Sam Hulick. A tweet sent out by Caroline Livingstone to Seth Green implies that the voice actors for Mass Effect 3 have recorded new lines. Raphael Sbarge, who voices Kaidan Alenko, also joined in the tweeting fun.

Not much can be said about this mysterious DLC, save that it might take place on the Citadel. This will mark the fourth DLC for Mass Effect 3 and could be the last one since they’re bringing the old team back together to do it, they might want to end Mass Effect 3 on a high note.

Could this be Garrus' second favorite spot on the Citadel?
Could this be Garrus’ second favorite spot on the Citadel?
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