Marvel Heroes reintroduces Hero Packs, Slightly Drops Prices, Still Not Worth Playing

Marvel Heroes is making attempts to fix itself, and for this I applaud Gazillion. But the steps they’re taking seem like half measures. I previously listed 5 (6) things they needed to do to fix the game. They’re kinda addressing one of ’em. The biggest one, aka the pricing model and drop rates. First off, costumes are slightly cheaper. A twenty dollar costume will now cost fifteen, and other similar adjustments. This is still way, way too high people. We’re talking a character skin that is merely a recoloring. No additional items/powers/functionality. Just aesthetics. Three, four dollars seems more reasonable to me. Fifteen? What?

Where's everybody else? Did they lose their party invitations?
Where’s everybody else? Did they lose their party invitations?

Also, they’re reintroducing the hero packs that were available during the pre-sale. Not a bad idea, but there’s two problems. A) Not all the packs are available. Just some, with ‘more to come’. Wait what? Did you lose them between June and now? What happened? Is Cyclops being temperamental? And to no surprise B) they’re still too expensive. Sixty dollars for four characters? They do realize brand new AAA games cost that much? Also, they stupid expensive ‘Ultimate’ pack is available which unlocks everything for a mere $200. I could buy Fez twenty times with that cash. Forty if it’s on sale.

Lastly, they’ve introduced items called ‘eternity splinters’ which can be used to build up to unlocking heroes as well as a new super ultra mega +6 tier of item awesomeness that your character can still look the same in called COSMIC! EXCITING! WHY ARE YOU NOT EXCITED, PEOPLE? THIS IS BIG NEWS!!!!

Who do I need to bribe at Marvel to give this guy a break and bring him back?
Who do I need to bribe at Marvel to give this guy a break and bring him back?

There’s still no power differentiation, no different builds, no new endgame content, no reasonable customization, and most importantly NO NIGHTCRAWLER!!!

They’re making attempts, but it’s still not enough and nowhere near dropping your hard earned money and free time. Especially not with Steam’s summer sale going on now. It’s all about bang for your buck, and Marvel Heroes is still firing blanks.

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