Mars: War Logs Unveiled in Video

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    Wow..just wow.

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  • Kaden

    I’ve been a fan of the series since the first game and I’m not impressed with the beta it doesn’t have amount of customization as the first two.
    I’m disappointed that it does have the layers of clothing like in the first two. You could choose your under shirt, your over shirt and coat but now you just choose 1 one combination. Also there is a smaller range of hair cuts and the body customization isn’t as extreme as it was previously(besides the sex appeal).

  • Kristian

    I have pokemon heartgold and I want to unlock the personal customization for the safari zone. I showed the warden the sandshrew and it has been way longer than a day and he still hasnt said anything new. I still havent beaten the elite four. I’m thinking that may be the problem. Did I miss a step? help please.

  • shahrukh

    When will World of Warcraft have more character customization?

    The game-play is awesome. There just one problem…horrible customization. If WoW would offer such character customization as City of Heroes then it would be flawless.

    That said, when, if ever, will World of Warcraft have more character customization?

  • Tyler H

    Windows royally fucked up with making something fullscreen, crashed to the bluescreen, and restarded.

    Suddenly, all the windows customization options were all messed up. Now, the taskbar color is permanently stuck at the ugly default windows color, and when I hover my mouse over an open application, instead of a preview of the screen it just gives me the name of the application (classic windows 98 style).

    Even when using the preset themes, the taskbar color is still locked.

  • ademuth93

    I really love working with cars, and automotive customization. What steps should I take over the next 4-6 years (I’m 19 and going to University now as an Engineer but I don’t really enjoy it). I’m thinking along the lines of what traits or trades to learn IE business skills, fabrication skills, tool selection, how to buy or rent a facility and so on. The more thorough the answers the higher the possibility they will be off assistance as I already had a general idea of what I need to do.

  • Duke

    What PC game has the best customization as far as performance? Any game from say 2004-2009?

  • Hayden

    i play a nfs carbon on ps2 when a get a new car all the customizations like in performance, engine customization all are locked again. how to get this unlocked please tell a solution and i am not asking cheat codes.

  • Seth

    Is there any MMORPG games that have advanced character customization? and that doesn’t require admin privlages to install?

  • Jeff

    I have played through oblivion and allot of old rpg’s like fallout and deus ex I was wondering if you know of any good offline pc games that have great character customization and are RPGs?