Making Halo 4: Return of the Forerunners

  • Goe122

    I’d like to write to them (online) and tell them how much I like the Anniversary Map Pack and ask if they will bring out any more maps for Halo Reach.

    • Unfortunetly, I believe that they are no longer making any Map Packs for Halo:Reach since they are focusing solely on Halo 4 and the future of the Halo franchise. With that being said, you can always go to and ask them yourself on their Forums!

  • have faith

    Do you think 343 can pull off making a good halo game just like bungie? Or do you think it will be an epic fail?

    • 343i for the most part, is all past members of Bungie themselves. With that being said, I can almost assure you and anyone else that the franchise of the Halo games and future and in more than capable hands. The core essence of Halo, whether it’s the single player campaign or the multiplayer will stay true to what it is. Of course as games are released there are little differences here in there just like with Halo:Reach, but that’s just the progression of the game itself. I personally have been an avid fan of Bungie since it’s days creating Marathon into Halo as well as a dedicated fan towards 343 Industries. I have faith that they’ll do it justice.

  • Roflcopter

    I am 13 and i want to work with microsoft in 343 industries. I was wondering how old i saw that you could be 16 to work there but is that the youngest age?

    • The youngest age is probably somewhere among the 20s. For working at an established company such as Microsoft, or even 343 Industries, you have to definetly have gotten a degree. Most companies as such require it.

  • everydayGuitarist

    Just wanted to know. no PREQUEL. I mean they did leave it open.

    • Confused?

      Halo: Reach was the prequel for the entire franchise/series. 343 Industries is not making any prequels.

  • RxP DarkBox

    I just Got the best idea that they can put in Halo 4 before it comes out….
    They should really make a Forge where you can make Creatures spawn and where they do….basically like forging a Campaign Level of some sort but still a Ghetto ass Mission…but it would be cool especially with friends online trying out your map….

    Also they should make it so you can rewind like how you can in Sports games like Instant Replay if anyone know what i’m talking about because you can only go back by certain spots at a back backwards….Also be ale to rewind at least on campaign…
    I gotta bunch more ideas too but i would like to know their e-mail address or number or any other way to contact them….
    Also what are your guys ideas ?…just would like to know if you guys also have any other GREAT Ideas too…..

  • Duke

    My friend says Halo CE Anniversary is using the Halo Reach engine but I’m pretty sure that 343 Industries made their own engine

    • 343i didn’t use any engine other than their own to redesign the graphics of the game. Hence why they give us the option to switch back and forth from classic viewing to the new style. All they did was re-do everything.

  • balinderk2000

    Does 343 Industries make good games, or bad games? Would you expect it to be better than Halo: Reach? Thank you in advance.

    • @Balinderk2000 – Other than Halo:CEA this is going to be 343 Industries first title they’re releasing. A lot of fans are skeptical because “Bungie isn’t making Halo”, but have faith. I’m sure in many ways it’ll be better than Halo: Reach in both single player and multiplayer aspects. We’ll find out in November!

  • zaclo

    If 343i want people to buy their game then they should be putting out commercials.. Are they waiting until a few months before release?

  • soccermaster1

    Did 343 completely split from Bungi, & MC when they bought the Halo franchise from um’?

    • 343i essentially evolved from Bungie. Bungie themselves split away from Microsoft because they wanted more creative control over their own products. 343i and Microsoft still work closely together, but 343i’s core essence is that of Bungie’s.

  • stingerms

    They are offering to hire people for jobs such as engine designers, game designers, and even multiplayer network designers. This must mean they are working on a game obvisouly so what kind of halo game is it. I know it has not been announced but it be cool to hear what people think they are making and what you want them to make.

  • LN13

    With Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary about to release, and Halo 4 in development. Do you think 343 Industries will remake Halo 2? I hope they do. Frank O’Connor of Bungie said that Halo 2’s ending wasn’t what they intended. That they intended there to be 3 more levels that take place on the Forerunner ship. I hope they remake Halo 2 and include these levels. What do y’all think?

  • Jason

    At my school, there is a little argument going around. The question is who made the Halo Series? Some people seem to think Bungie, and others think 343 Industries. I personally think Bungie made it. Can anyone tell me (which sources stated) who actually made the Halo Series?

    • Bungie created Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3:ODST and Halo:Reach. That’s all. 343i is making Halo 4, 5, 6 and has already purchased 7, 8 and 9 through Microsoft.

  • Orbit

    Do you think that 343 would spoil halo’s epic story ?
    I love halo for its plotline because its epic and it looks right into my soul…
    I am kinda afraid that 343 would ruin the story…

  • Sergeant Pickle

    I used to say how great of a ame halo was when I played halo 3 but i cant do that about reach. whenever i play halo online the other team gets an average 10-20 kills which is what is expected and on my team i get over 20 two people get 10-12 and the last person gets less than five. I haven’t one a game all summer because of that. once i had 37 kill and a 15 killstreak (running riot) and still lost because the other people on my team totaled 5 kills i ususaly have the most kills in the game and lose every time. I’m concerned Halo 4 will have the same problem of no ranking system. In Halo 3 you got ranked up for winning and down for losing so every match was even you wouldn’t find anyone too good or too bad. How do i tell 343 industries to do that not just random matches.

  • Jeff

    Personally I do. I believe that they will make the series even more amazing than it already was. I don’t know why I think that. I’ll just call it a gut feeling.

  • Armas

    I was just thinking, but with all the fan anger at Bioware for destroying their “perfect ending” don’t you think this sends a message to 343 telling them not to screw up Halo 4? It will be all out fan anger against them if they do. What do you guys think?

  • xiM Clutch

    Ok, so I made a really sweet idea for an Armor Ability designed in Halo 4 or future Halo titles and I need to find out how I can express this in writing to the team at 343i.


  • nathan

    ok, so i heard about halo 4. and i was just wondering. who here thinks that 343 Industries is going to make this a good game, or just a dud? like, who has confidence that 343 Industries will turn halo into a wonderful and amazing game for years to come, or will they completely ruin it into something we wished we would never see? also, has anyone seen any of 343 Industries other works, like have they made other games and stuff. now of coarse i know that some of the original Bungie members decided to stay and work on halo with 343 Industries, and i know 343 Industries has worked on halo games alongside Bungie for quite sometime (dnt know how long), just give me your opinion on how you think Halo 4 will turn out and your perspective on 343 Industries. now in my opinion, i have faith in Halo 4. i think that 343 Industries will change up the halo franchise for the better and hopefully give it that feeling we all used to get when we played halo for the very first time. ok anyways again, thanks in advance 🙂

    -Ricky Out-
    yea, i also think the last few halo games weren’t as good as they could have been