Make an AI Your Friend or Your Foe in Event[0]

In Event[0], you are stranded on a derelict spaceship, and your only ticket home is an AI named Kaizen-85. Be sure to talk nicely to it.

Event[0] is a rather unique indie adventure game by the Ocelot Society. Players will be tasked with finding their way back to Earth in an alternate reality where space travel became available in the 1980s. In this timeline, humanity embraced artificial intelligence, which has evolved to accommodate language in a natural way.

This intelligence is proven in-game through Event[0]’s unique Natural Language mechanic, which requires players to type messages to the AI Kaizen via the keyboard. Kaizen’s feelings towards you will change on what you say and how you say it. Kaizen will also be capable of generating over two million lines of dialog. Players will have to work together with this temperamental computer in order to get back home.

The game will feature more traditional puzzle solving elements, and it also boasts 3D environments created in Unity 5. While the game lacks a soundtrack, interaction with the environment can produce melodic tones that provide a more organic feel.

Event[0] started off as a student project, but it has gone on to win multiple awards such as the Student Award at EIGD 2014. Ocelot Society, the Paris-based development team, has been backed by the Indie Fund, which is a indie-dev run alternative to publishing companies, and France’s CNC public arts organization.

Event[0] will launch on September 14, 2016 and will be available for purchase on Steam and on the Humble Store for $19.99.

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