Mafia 3 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Driving, Combat, and More

Mafia 3 gameplay trailer

We’ve been graced with the Mafia 3 gameplay trailer just mere days after the reveal of the game, though we’ve known about this next game in the Mafia franchise since 2012.

Mafia 3 has all the elements of your typical AAA cover shooter: Open world filled with waist high cover, vehicles for your to jack, an assortment of guns, stealth elements, and quick time executions, basically it’s your general checklist for generic AAA games everywhere these days. Give Hangar 13 some credit though, from looking at the Mafia 3 gameplay trailer it looks like they’re set to outdo themselves with this one. All of this only helps to compound our excitement and anticipation for the third installment of a franchise that we hold so dear to our hearts.

Mafia 3 Gameplay Trailer

What really sticks out to us in the Mafia 3 gameplay trailer is how smoothly the game seems to transition between all of these different elements. It’s reminiscent of how Nintendo refines platforming with Mario games. There’s not much more to them than common elements of almost every platformer, running and jumping, but it just feels better. Mafia 3 has all of the generic elements you’ll find elsewhere, but they look to flow better. Mafia 3 also has a few unique things of its own though. Players can crush a family’s stronghold and take it for themselves, assigning lieutenants to run the territory for them.

Mafia 3 gameplay trailerSure a violent tale about organized crime doesn’t sound too unique, but the setting really sets it apart. Our hero, a term used very loosely here, is a Vietnam War veteran on a quest for revenge through 1968 New Orleans. Hangar 13 goes all out in recreating the era: Getting the music that defined the generation, making sure you know the country is at war, and breathing life into that mix of grime and flair that one thinks of when hearing the word Cajun.

If you’re a fan of “familiar, but better” when it comes to your game play, and something different when it comes to location and story, you’ll want to keep an eye on Mafia 3. Take a look at the trailer below to get a feel for what we’re talking about:

Mafia 3 Trailer

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