Madden NFL 11 Developer Video Series – #5

Madden NFL is now a true team sport with the all-new Online Team Play mode. Play 3-on-3 online with, or against, up to five friends, with each team member controlling a squad of skill players: quarterback, running backs, and wide receivers/tight ends on offense, and defensive line, linebackers, and defensive backs on defense.

The fifth installment of the Madden NFL 11Developer Video Series – “Online Team Play” – is now available for download. Announced at E3 2010, get a deeper look at Madden NFL 11’s Online Team Play with senior producer Phil Frazier, creative director Ian Cummings, art director Mike Young, and senior product manager Anthony Stevenson. Specialize with your favorite positions on the field to become an online legend. Learn about the squad level progression system, where persistent statistic boosts are earned by completing in-game accomplishments, and more.

Why not take a peak out the new E3 trailer – “Blink”:

Online Team Play is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 versions of Madden NFL 11, which will be available in stores on August 10th.

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