Macken Movie Update – X-men First Class: Character Trailers

Now I love the X-men Franchise as much as the next guy. But with the lack luster that was X-men(1 – 3) and X-men origins: Wolverine. I have found it hard to really become excited about Vaughn’s Prequel attempt. Sure it makes a change, and it mixes up the character roaster as well as timeline. Making a totally new and unseen part of the X-men and Marvel universe. But after countless let downs, I’ve tried to not get my hopes up.

Even after releases of trailers and posters, I still didn’t have the ‘Woah’ moment. That was until today, when I saw the first three Character trailers. And I can honestly now say…’Woah’.

The three latest trailers for the movie, have focused on three of the lesser characters in the universe: Havok(Alex Summers), Beast(Hank McCoy) and Banshee(Sean Cassidy). After seeing a individual set up trailer for each one, you can see the contrast from the prior attempts. The previous films that had the audacity to relate themselves to the franchise, have now been wiped from my memory.

If there is ever going to be a Masterpiece X-men Movie, this going to be it:



I gotta say this. I take back all doubt I’ve ever had over the Banshee character.

X-men First Class hits cinemas June 1st


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