Macken Movie Update – Inbetweeners Movie: First teaser

”Bring your wellies, your gonna be knee deep clunge!”

The four sex obsessed lads are back, and now on the silver screens. After a year of speculation over a Inbetweeners movie, and even after film four studios announcement of making a movie. Finally some material has emerged to put our hearts at ease, and get us back in the need for more of the rambunctious four musketeers.

Now before you get too hyped about your favourite teen comedies return, in everlasting cinema glory. I must tell you that this is just a teaser trailer. Really all that’s shown is the lads are on holiday, and surrounded by a selection of half naked women. Think of it as the slow motion walking scene of Reservoir Dogs, but each character has a face on them like they’ve just discovered there first boner.

The general storyline given so far, is that the boys are on holiday in Spain(and no, Jay did not take out a peddle boat to get there). Its parties all day and night, and the boys will fall into there typical virgin antics as there intimidated by the shear amount of ‘Clunge’. With the obvious vulgar statement, and constant bragging lies that make this comedy what it is.


Inbetweeners movie is set to release Summer 2011.

No Problemo

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