Macken Movie Update – Hobbit


The Hobbit is starting to develop, as its in its set production stage. Amazingly Peter Jackson has decided to use the exact same place to design his set, as he did for Lord of the Rings. Yes Bag End is being produced to the same detail as it was seen in Lord of the Rings. As well as this Weapon’s are a Forgin’, Costumes are a Makin’ and Times are indeed a Changing. Hobbit looks like its getting ready to kick some L.O.T.R’s Ass (Short -Hairy feet Style).

Peter just seems like a really nice guy….or maybe hes secretly after the Ring Hmmmmmmm

To keep all of you adoring fans of the fantasy fiction in suspense and interested, Jackson is using his own Facebook page to blog videos of production. Follow him and you can get all of the early news on your favourite social networking site

One Social Networking Site to Rule them All!

Here is the first of his blog posts, Look in envy at all of his Glory:

More updates on the Hobbit as we get them


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