Macken Movie Update – Cowboys & Aliens


Cowboys & Aliens is one of those films that could go either way. Genre collaborations are nothing new, but there’s always a risk when making one. However with Jon Favreau’s latest looking like 3:10 to Yuma spliced with Strange encounters of the Third kind, you cant help but have a Nerdgasm. Especially when looking at the latest full trailer for the film. You get the sense that it has successfully merged the genres, with a interesting storyline and a amazing cast.

Not many films can boast; Spurs, Six Shooters, Space ships, abductions and a spice of James bond & Blade Runner.

The success of this film will fall under three factors.

  • Authenticity: Sucking the audience into a seamless genre and not having them question the surreality
  • Narrative: Allowing for a fast paced but full storyline – Not reallying on a gimmicks or humour (I only say humour because of Favreau’s use of humour in the Iron man Films)
  • Characters isolation: The two main characters are well established and alot of the time Type casted into roles – The audience must not see them as characters from James Bond and Blade runner, but allow themselves just see them a fresh. They need to distant the actors from prior roles and hope that not everyone Over Analyses films like I Do.

Here is the Latest Full Trailer for Cowboys & Aliens – Enjoy:

Cowboy & Aliens Rides into Cinema’s August 19th

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