Live Out a Summer Camp Nightmare With Friday The 13th: The Game

friday the 13th

Have you always wanted the camp counselor experience but were worried that the woods would be boring and you’d hate the kids? Thanks to game developers at Gun. Studios you may not even survive the night, let alone the summer. Because in Friday The 13th: The Game Jason Voorhees is back and looking to stalk some teens.

When the team at Gun. decided to make a survival horror game with an 80’s ascetic the original plan was a game called Summer Camp where a group of hot young adults were insidiously killed in the woods. Although this idea had some merit it lacked the weight that a horror franchise holds. Thankfully the creative team behind Friday The 13th were down to cooperate! Development leads Ronnie Hobbs and Wes Keltner actually assembled the team from the original Friday The 13th movies to help create the world of this game. Tom Savini, Harry Manfredini and Sean S. Cunningham all had a hand in recreating Camp Crystal Lake.

Friday the 13th

The premise is simple, survive the night. You can play as one of 7 counselors looking to make it through the horror by any means necessary. Friday the 13th: The Game rewards cleverness and creative survival tactics. Jason can be stopped and you can survive, but it’s going to take teamwork from the beloved teen archetypes: the jock, the tough guy or the girl next door will all be playable options.

But maybe surviving isn’t your thing, right? No worries because this game is 1 vs. 7. That’s right, 1 player will have the option to be Jason himself. Their job is to end the game as quickly and gruesomely as possible, which is sure to make this game interesting. The potential for a random assimilation of average people having to duke it out with a hell bound hermit in the woods sounds like a good time!

The game is slated for release in October, was funded on and there are still packages you can claim. So this October brush up on your horror flick rules: the tough guy is never that tough, the virgin is somehow a tank and sluts always die first.

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