Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 Revealed

As we’ve seen in the past with big titles on the Xbox 360, Microsoft has unveiled the new limited edition console, with a paint job modeled after Halo 4. I think this may be the best looking limited edition 360 yet!

The console features grey and blue color-scheme with a sort of abstract, “Forerunner” look to it. The case on both the console and the controllers are slightly transparent, allowing you to see some of the inner-workings. The “ring of light” around the console’s power button and the controllers’ guide buttons will also glow blue to match. The bundle will include the Xbox 360 S, a 320GB hard drive, 2 wireless controllers with the transforming D-pads, a wired headset, and a copy of Halo 4 (standard edition). The package will also include Xbox LIVE tokens for exclusive Halo 4 downloads for your in-game character and your avatar.

You can expect this bundle to drop in store on November 6th, the day of Halo 4‘s highly anticipated release. This package is actually making me consider upgrading to a 360 S.

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