LG Pushes OLED Technology Into New Shapes

LG OLED 77-inch

OLED display has been developing at a rapid pace, lead mostly by LG. LG has upped the OLED game by introducing a transparent and flexible 4K resolution display. The amount of features included in the 77-inch display is stunning; while the possibilities to real world application are endless.

LG is looking toward digital signage, smart desks, augmented reality, and car displays as practical applications for the display, according to ZDNet. The main reason the display exists is in part to South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. The ministry wanted to create an Ultra HD transparent and flexible OLED display larger than 60-inches to remain competitive in the Asian display market.

LG OLED 77-inch flexible

Capable of outputting Ultra HD visuals at 3840×2160 with a 40% transparency, it can also be rolled up like a tube for easier shipping. What is great for the commercial market is great for the consumer market. If LG is able to reliably make flexible 4K screens of that size then it opens the door for consumer units to begin being made; and I am totally on board to get my 4K TV delivered in a tube!

This is not the first flexible screen LG has made. With each new product the size of them grows as well as the reliability of the manufacturing. While it may seem silly to think of TVs coming in tubes, the reality is that super thin displays that can blend into any environment will be a welcome addition to most modern homes that look to have clean lines and better flow and aesthetics.

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