Level 5’s The Snack World is Coming to the West

Snack World

For those of you who haven’t heard of The Snack Land – or didn’t know it existed – you’re not alone. Before yesterday I hadn’t heard mention of the game. But after watching the game-play footage and the animation fans of a good top down adventure should be excited that it’s coming to North America.

The Snack World seems to be similar to another top rate 3DS game, Fantasy Life. In art style and game play the two look very similar. The creators at Level 5 studios describe the world as a casual fantasy RPG, which is a nice change of pace if you’re into RPGs but don’t want to get involved in a 50 hour plot.

Snack World

The Snack World also has some interesting features to it, it’s cross media. Level 5 is known for creating new and interesting interactions within games. The Snack World will feature a smart phone and 3DS version, not much is known as to how these will coincide/interact but it is certainly something to keep an eye on.

Lastly the developers have shown that the game will interact with real world objects, small toys called Jara. Jara are cute little keychain-esque bobbles that have a chip inside them. They work much like an Amiibo would, tapping it to the screen of your New 3DS will afford a player special items.

Snack World

There is no release date for the West localization yet, the game is expected in April/June of 2017 in Japan. You can check out more information on the game by visiting the Youtube channel that showcases the game-play or check out this cute short animation released to unveil the game to the west.

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