Lenovo To Release Android 4.0 Tegra 3 Tablet By Year's End

A report published over on engadget tells us that Chinese consumer electronics giant Lenovo has plans to release their forth android tablet this year. This one will be different though, as the rumor is that this tablet will feature Nvidia’s newly announced mobile CPU Tegra 3, and it will run Android 4 otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Other specs on the device include a 10.1″ display,  2GB of 1,600MHz DDR3 RAM, a standard USB host socket, a rear camera, a “Special Fusion-Skin Body”, and a fingerprint scanner that doubles as an optical joystick on the tablet’s backside.

In addition to specs, we also know that the device may be releasing sometime before the end of the year. This would mean that we could possibly see two Tegra 3 tablets out in time for or shortly after the holiday season kicks up. Do you plan on picking this beautiful tablet up if so let us know.

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