LEGO Batman 2 Heroes and Villains DLC Now Available

  • Joey 01

    I really hope they are or have. IS their any DLC for ANY assassins creed that gives us the peice of eden or anyway i can use it in single player?

  • kamikami

    I, like many others, have created several accounts on my playstation 3 for access to the other playstation stores. I have the original rock band on my playstation and I would like to know if DLC from the american store will be compatible with my game.

  • Brian

    More importantly, what side will you pick? Will you be a Vampire Lord or a Vampire Hunter? Personally, I want to be one of the Dawnguard since otherwise, I don’t think you can use crossbows. Then again, if you are a Vamp Lord it looks like you can fly with real moving wings and go to the Underworld or something similar. Any thoughts people? What faction would you choose and what do you think of the new DLC?

  • Paul M

    I downloaded the free dlc for marvel ultimate alliance 2 for the five new characters, but where do I go to do the missions in order to unlock them? HELP! I play the ps3 version of the game.

  • ouch

    i have a level 50 soldier and i have done all the quest’s but i cant find anything to start up the dlc do i have to go somewhere? do i have to beconnected online to start that section of the game or what?

  • davemc74656

    I just bought the Ghost Recon Future Soldier DLC ‘Arctic Strike’ from Gamestop. The DLC is released on XBL on July 3rd, but the receipt and power up rewards website say I won’t have the code until the 10th. Will that date change to when it is released or will I have to wait 7 days for the DLC I just purchased a week early?

  • floydian8717

    i own a PS3 and the original copy of the game, not the special edition. I want the weapon pack with the 8 weapons or whatever and supposedly it is on the playstation store but i can’t find it. the only dlc on there is the costumes and i have already bought it. can somebody help me? I want to use different weapons. Is the weapon dlc not available to buy on the playstation store?

  • crzyinluv

    I use multiple accounts on my XBox360. I want to know how I can use DLC I bought off of one of my accounts on another account.

  • Roar me R

    I wanna play the game and get 100% trophies but can’t go online I don’t have internet so I wanna know if there’s a version on the ps3 that has the dlc already installed on the disc or you can get 100% trophies without the dlc?. Thank you

  • Jairo

    After downloading the DLC, I am unable to access the content as I have no access to the Animus (the last save file is right before Desmond is supposed to pick up the apple). Is there no way to access the content without starting entirely over from scratch? Pushing the map button brings up the same menu as pausing the game.

  • zaclo

    I am willing to pay up to $20.00 for it I really want it it is the only dlc I don’t have yet please answer as soon as possible.

  • sick_mick_101

    I just bought the complete edition; and didnt get a manual or download codes with it. How do I access dlc? Was I supposed to download them from PSstore?

  • Kaylla

    Gaming question:
    If you have dlc on an xbox, and you activate your account on a different xbox, can you re-download that dlc onto the new xbox?

  • TommyKay

    Im about to purchase two red dead redemption dlc’s and i wanna know which os the best so whats the best two?

  • lucasg615

    I was wondering if i should get the dlc but it looked like zombies or something. and can you keep your stuff, is it in the same mojave wasteland?

  • fattiemanny

    Can two players (with different systems) play Call of duty black ops DLCs together if downloaded off one PSN account?
    My friend and I would like to play Ascension together and only one of us have bought the DLC but the other wants to download off the account.. If he does download off my account can we play together or does he also have to buy the DLC?

  • Sahil

    I love mass effect every game and i noticed that i couldn’t buy the firewalker dlc in the xbox 360 market place, so i was wondering if i bought cerberus network it will give me the firewalker dlc.

  • Jermaine J

    It’s all still in my memory, but I had to get a new console. Is it possible to play the dlc without having to re-purchase it?

  • airdogspace2

    When the dlc comes out for skyrim do i have to strt a new game or do i continue with my current character?

  • whites are not the only racists

    I want to put this game code dlc for another xbox. If I, say, deleted it; could I redeem the code again on another xbox or no.

  • Matthew David

    Fallout 3 is one of my favorites and i’ve gone through the game alot of times and i want more, but there is no wi-fi here so i can’t use psn. Is there a way to get the dlc without psn?

  • Courtney

    My real question is, Am I supposed to transfer all of my data like my profiles first, then do the dlc transfer second? Im guessing that’s what Im supposed to do.

  • diggn4richez

    Yeah so I went through the original Resident Evil 5 and got every achievement before the dlc was released. I dont want to get versus mode because i heard it sucks and the achievements are annoying. Will getting the new Lost in Nightmares DLC(downloadable content) force me to get those Versus Mode achievements in order to claim having 100% completion again.

  • veemodz

    I previously sold my old copy, and got a new one once the dlc came out, and I had to make a new file, but I recently bought the dlc, and it won’t show up in the download list. It doesn’t acknowledge that I bought it except for the Game date utility. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Ev dog

    and who was responsible for the creation of the first superhero and what was the heroes name?

    im pretty interested in this now after playing a game with mavel and dc heroes.

  • Xedo

    I beat the game but my xbox crashed so i don’t have it saved anymore.And i want to know if there is any DLC for fallout 3 I can play without an already good character or any DLC that automatically starts a new game.

  • Kristian

    I don’t care if it’s legal or illegal, but I am tired of these old songs and I want to play the DLC ones really badly. Just tell me any way and I’ll do it.

  • Big Banger

    I’m just wondering if it becomes an unlimited availability to download any purchased DLC from the PSN, or if there is actually a limit. I know about the ability to download the DLC to five PS3s, but that’s not what I’m concerned about. If it helps define your answer, I’ve only downloaded all of my DLC to one PS3, and plan to only DL it to one PS3.