Leaked Shots of the BlackBerry Torch 2/Volt Arrive

There’s been talks of a new BlackBerry being announced today, and lo and behold the interwebs never lie! The BlackBerry 9860 AKA the BlackBerry Torch 2, AKA the BlackBerry Volt will provide the latest in RiM innovation.

The Torch 2 brings a 1.2GHz CPU and VGA resolution to the original QWERTY slider, while the Touch/Volt (codenames: Monaco/Monza for the CDMA and GSM versions) is expected to offer the same processor along with a 3.7-inch WVGA display. A purported leaked Sprint roadmap from earlier today implied that we’ll see the Storm 2 successor in mid-August, and we’d expect the Torch 2 in that same timeframe.

I just want to see a name for this thing!

Thanks PocketNow!

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