Lawbreakers Release Date Is Sooner Than You Think | E3 2017

Defying Gravity In Just A Couple Months

It’s press conference’s galore right now at E3 2017 and this years PC Gaming Show brought out Boss Key Studios Cliff Bleszinski to give fans of his gravity defying shooter some well awaited news. Come August 8th, players around the world will be able to grab Lawbreakers on Steam or PS4 for $29.99.

In addition to an insanely close release date, details about the PC closed and open beta were unveiled. On June 28th till July 3rd. Fans who weren’t able to grab a beta key can participate in the open beta available starting June 30th.

CEO of Boss Key Studios Cliff Bleszinski was very adamant about giving players a revolutionary experience and paying for what they’re getting.

$29.99, none of that 60 dollar multiplayer only bullshit

All DLC for the upcoming shooter will be free with micro transactions for aesthetic customization items. PS4 fans had a reason to rejoice as they only just learned that it would be coming to console as well as an enhancements for owners of the PS4 Pro. While Boss Key Studios hasn’t concretely said it won’t be coming to Xbox, the consensus is that their sole focus is creating a solid experience for PC and PS4 players at the moment.

Lawbreakers looks to be a game changing first person shooter. With a tagline “gravity defying combat”, players seem to be having the time of their lives with the fast and frantic combat combined with Overwatch-esque character class mechanics.

We’ll be getting an in-depth look at Lawbreakers this Tuesday at E3 so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to not miss my personal impressions on how Lawbreakers is changing the atmosphere of fast paced arena combat.

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