Latest Mass Effect 3 N7 Weekend, "Operation: Detonator", Starts Today

Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer mode should be packed with the newest N7 Weekend challenge. Operation: Detonator runs from November 30th thru December 2nd, and players are tasked with earning 20,000 “Detonator” points in Mass Effect 3‘s amazingly fun multiplayer this weekend by using biotic powers to literally blow up enemies. The catch is you have to kill the enemy; just attacking with biotic abilities won’t earn you anything. The good news is BioWare has promised to group as many teams as possible with at least two Biotic-using players, so even if you’re more of a soldier or engineer type, you should still be good.

Points accumulate between everyone playing and carry over between matches, and the best part — your team doesn’t have to survive the match for your points to keep. If the goal is met, everyone who participated gets a Commendation Pack featuring at least one rare weapon and several other character upgrades.

This is the 19th weekend event BioWare’s held for Mass Effect 3 since it launched in March. Thus far, the community has only failed three times. Operation: Detonator is available to PlayStation 3, Xb0x 360, and PC gamers. No word just yet if Wii U owners will be able to participate.

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