The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn Will Really Come this Year

The Last Guardian

While not catching us precisely off-guard, Sony’s latest announcement during the Game Developer’s Conference puts The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn on track for 2016 to soothes the worries of fervent fans.

We were expecting Sony to talk a lot about PlayStation VR during their press conference at the GDC 2016 held in San Francisco. And this has certainly been the case, feeding the hype without disappointment. However, they have also taken a moment to confirm that The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn are really coming this year – and this was indeed a lovely surprise. Despair no more, for the fate of both seems resolved!

The Last Guardian
Is it true? I’ve heard we are finally making it to PS4…

Confirmation of a Confirmation

The announcement is not precisely new but, mind you, we are receiving it with open arms (a confirmation of a confirmation is always more reassuring). Both games were announced already last E3 for 2016 and then disappeared into the abyss of development and mystery.

This was specially worrying in the case of The Last Guardian. Prepared originally for PlayStation 3 and announced with all due honors for 2011, this jewel of the deceased Team Ico studio suffered delay after delay to the point where the insistence of fans stopped Sony from cancelling it altogether. Faced nowadays with the technical challenge of revamping an old gen game into the new platform, it seems this almost mythical game is really happening.

Surely there are a lot of loyal fans out there for whom this year will be a very sweet one.

Horizon Zero Dawn

However, we still won’t have any final dates for either of them. It may be possible that Sony is waiting for the next E3 to provide us with the release dates desired. In this case, we cannot do anything else but wait patiently. We certainly have that trophy unlocked.

On the other hand, this year is looking pretty sweet for PlayStation 4 exclusives. With Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to release in May and the upcoming No Man’s Sky, Ratchet & Clank and Persona 5 for the following months, Sony can truly say the dryness of previous years won’t be reflected in 2016.

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