A New Kreation! Meet Krater, a Post-Apocalyptic Kraft and Kombat Game

  • Spartyn


  • Carrie Major

    I’ve been hoping to set up the video game Planet of Tanks, but the launching client I downloaded from the site is corrupted. I’ve tried downloading it in excess of and over, but I hold acquiring the identical error notice declaring that the information are corrupted. What can I do? I really want to get this game!

  • Annette Cutter

    Which few of individuals made the largest developments and contributions in the video recreation world?

  • hank baseballs

    just bought minecraft and it says something about your order will be shipped… why shipped i thought u only get a premium account whats there to be shipped?

  • Thomas Lopez

    Just got a new laptop today and minecraft is running like chit, Thus my laptop from 2007 run minecraft much better.

    The specs on my new laptop are 10x better then the old one.

  • Elijah luv

    the systems i have are gba, ds, ps2,ps3, and wii. i want an action/rpg game with the best gameplay
    no i mean the action rpg genre, not shooters or action games

  • MexicanDude

    does anyone know a good ps3 or ps2 action rpg where you create your own character?
    ive always been a fan of these types of games where you come up with your own hero/ine but usually everything i find these days tends to suck… so does anyone know a GOOD action rpg for the ps3?? or ps2? also, im not a fan of bloody games so if it aint bloody, better!! 😀 but really, though, anything good?

  • Agent 47

    I was thinking about buying MineCraft and I went over to my friends house to play it. I was feeling kinda sick and I got a headache. I have some motion sickness stuff but I play cod all the time. Was I just sick or is MineCraft a problem?

  • PoohBearPenguin

    NOT assassins creed

  • _marky_mark_

    I mean, they both have an open world theme and both have customizations.
    I can’t quite explain it, but deus ex feels more like an action-adventure game?
    But what exactly is the difference?
    And how come the stealth in deus ex is so much more complex and well developed than oblivion even though both of them are rpgs?
    And finally are all action rpgs like deus ex and all rpgs like oblivion in general?

    thanks 😀

  • Matt

    i like rpgs that you fight in real time and i hate turned based rpgs i like games like kindom hearts and rogue galaxy

  • gail C

    Anyone know of any games like D2, D3, or Torchlight that are fairly new? I am looking for something to play until D3 or Torchlight 2 come out.

    I already have Sacred 2 and Titan Quest as well.

    Mythos is the only one I have found, but I don’t think it is out yet

  • xLittle21Yaox

    You know Luna (earths moon) controls the tides and helps us have 24 hour days right. Well what if a very Large asteroid say like 4 Vesta gets caught into earths orbit wouldn’t that cause serious Issues on earth.

  • Picean

    Low prices.

  • Harry

    I want to download these two mods called clay soldiers and too many items. I watched many tutorials and did everything. I dragged modloader, clay soldiers, and too many items in my bin file called minecraft 1.2.3. I boot up my minecraft and nothing happens. There’s nothing different. Please help.

  • timq3dimensionscom

    What’s the difference between stealth in rpgs like oblivion and stealth action games like metal gear solid?
    And should I play oblivion JUST for the stealth and nothing else? I mean, it gets a bit pointless to steal things at night when you already have like millions of dollars and when you can get much more by just completing quests.