Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Heading Stateside

Playstation 3 owners, you are getting a Kingdom Hearts exclusive! Square Enix will be launching Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 remix in the fall of this year.

Could this mean that eventually Kingdom Hearts 3 will be exclusive to the Ps4? Or will Kingdom hearts HD 1.5 Remix see the light of day on the XB360? As of right now, however, Square Enix has only announced it for the Ps3 and it might stay that way too.

Kingdom hearts HD 1.5 Remix is a complication that includes two Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is the re-release of the original Ps2 Kingdom Hearts game which was only available in the Japan market. It added a secret ending, the option to skip scenes, new mini games and it was polished overall. The second game in this set is Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories which is the remake of the Gameboy Advanced game. Also included will be HD remastered cut scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

The two playable games will have enhanced graphics and gameplay, as well as trophies.

No word on if Kingdom Hearts 2 will receive the same treatment as this time.

Check out the Kingdom Hearts official website for screenshots and updates, as well as The Game Fanatics during the months leading up to the fall release.

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