Kinect Is The New Natal

  • Caltel T

    I have a regular Xbox 360 Arcade and I saw on the box for the new smaller Xbox that it was “Kinect ready”. Do I HAVE to own this new Xbox to be able to play on the Kinect at all?

  • Andres C

    when kinect first started (project Natal) there was a commercial at youtube were i saw that a kid scanned his own skateboard so he could actually skate with it. Now that its called kinect they have never mentioned that it could do that, so was it fake?

    what other cool things can it do?

  • Jason M

    I want to delete Microsoft Office 2007. I tried using it, but I just do not like it. I want to go back to using my school’s webmail service. I can access that from anywhere. How do I go about getting rid of Microsoft Outlook 2007 and thus restoring emails to my school account?