Keeping DVD's Healthy: Netflix buys's Domain Name

Late March, Netflix purchased for an undisclosed amount the’s domain name.  Does this mean that Netflix may be working on a DVD-only customer site?

Last summer Netflix split its DVD and streaming plan.  Resulting in outrage from consumers which eventually subsided; unlike the descending DVD subscriptions.  In January, CEO Reed Hastings stated, “We expect DVD subscribers to decline steadily…”  Something that is noticeable through their streaming subscription (21.7 million) versus DVD subscription(11.17 million) sales.

Even with the decline in DVD subscriptions Netflix VP of corporate communications Steve Swasey said, “Netflix cares about keeping DVD healthy, and this is just one small investment in keeping DVD healthy.” thus the purchase of the domain name.  Could this mean there maybe new perks for DVD subscribers in the mist?

Recently, some Reddit posts have expressed Netflix consumer dissatisfaction with the disconnect between streaming Netflix and DVD Netflix; specifically in regards to movie reviews not transferring.

Could a more personalized user experience help with consumer concerns or is this another attempt at a major corporation making more money for easily shareable digital content.

Hopefully we will find out soon what Netflix is planning to do with this new acquisition.

Sources: Home Media Magazine, Multi Channel News, Tech Spy, Geek and Gadgets and Reddit

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