Justice is Served with KontrolFreek's New GoW-Inspired Thumb Grip

KontrolFreek, the aptly named company out of Atlanta who creates accessories that improve leverage and comfort for gaming, has introduced Justice, the newest addition to their thumbstick collection.

Inspired by Gears of War: Judgment, Justice’s design was actually the winner of a contest held by KontrolFreek among the Gears of War community. More than 600 submissions were sent in by fans partaking in “You Be the Judge: GoW FPS Freek Design Contest” held back in March.

Although clearly represented by the cog motif, laurels, and crimson red color, Gears of War: Judgment isn’t the only game on which Justice can be used to play. First-person and third-person shooters such as Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Battlefield and Halo games can all benefit from better precision thanks to their close and medium range combat styles.  Justice is the latest release on KontrolFreek’s Close Quarters Combat (CQC) platform developed specifically for improving mobility, stealth and accuracy.

Extending your thumbstick by only 0.3 inches, Justice is a low-profile yet eye-catching accessory that also provides a soft, rubbery grip and concave design for comfort during extended play. It is designed to fit both Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 controllers, yet can also be compatible with many third-party version such as the Razer Onza.

Get your pair of two grips per package now for only $13.99 at KontrolFreek’s website.


Source: KontrolFreek

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