Join Us for Our Krater Live Stream – 5:00pm EST – Sunday, May 27

Krater, created by fatsharkgames is a lot of things. You might classify it as a top-down, dungeon-crawling, persistent, crafting, single and multiplayer RPG (whew!) that is also gorgeous.

It comes out June 12, 2012, but The Game Fanatics is bringing it to you live two weeks before it hits stores! We’re also giving out free game codes during the stream!

In the post-apocalyptic world of Krater, players assume the role of one of four different classes.  You can control a squad of three people (of which they can die, forcing you to hire more).  Each squad member will give you extra combat moves, so that you can specialize your play-style.  Furthermore, you can team up with your friends online, and the single-player and multi-player games integrate seamlessly. The gist of the game is that groups of “Freediggers”, those who venture into the crater that goes deeper than anyone has ever dug, do so to loot the valuable technology within.  You can use what you find to craft, literally, everything in the game with Krater‘s massive crafting system.  Oh, by the way, that crater has an infinite number of levels.

Krater is visually stunning, seems to be a serious challenge, provides endless replayability, and is tons of fun.  So be sure and drop by our TwitchTV page and join us as The Game Fanatics digs in to Krater and gives away free codes! Get it? DIGS in!

[Update] It seems Krater‘s online functionality has been taken offline for this weekend.  We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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