Jazon and the Dead: 80s Style Zombie Apocalypse

Jason and the Dead

Many developers have tackled the zombie game genre and with so many options it’s difficult to keep the style and game play fresh. Jazon and the Dead is a top down action adventure shooter that captivates with its comic book aesthetic, gruesome sound work and character driven narrative.

Indie development team 2nd Studio has been working on the game for a while and has acclaimed numerous accolades for their work, however the question remains will it hold up as a zombie game? From the FPS Left4Dead and the story driven Walking Dead game series their has been a fair share dead game action; Jazon and the Dead wouldn’t actually be the first to feature a top down view of ghoul hunting. Extraction: Project Outbreak for the iOS and Android and Dead Nation: Road to Devastation on the PS Vita are both predecessors in this style of game. What sets Jazon and the Dead apart is hopefully 2nd Studios’ promise of a character driven story line.

Jason and the Dead

The creators have stated they look to make a game that is focused on the player’s story, coupling it with intense moments of action as well as puzzle solving challenges. Jazon and the Dead seems to combine some of the best features of the other zombie games and it certainly has more emotional depth than Extraction and Dead Nation. Pulling off a zombie game well is a rare accomplishment, much like the movie or television equivalent it has to be done with style and humanity. Jazon and the Dead certainly holds up in style, the art is defined with a comic looking – almost Jamie Hewlett-esque – vibe. The footage so far looks engaging/creepy and the sound is well-developed which adds a lot to the tone.

But only time will tell if it has the charm and game play to contend with an already saturated walking dead market.

The game has no set release date as of yet, 2nd Studio is looking to start-up a Kickstarter campaign soon. As for now you can follow their site and stay updated on progress, let’s hope for a Night of the Living Dead level game and not a Return of the Living Dead III level flop.

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