Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headset – Military Grade Awesomeness

Do you want to be able to listen to music and answer phone calls easily and directly from your headset? Of course you do!

In addition to all the typical features of headphones, the Jabra Sport offers ‘US Military Grade rain, dust and shock protection.’ It also features a built-in FM Radio and a free Sports Tracker fitness app for your phone. The battery life is the only drawback to this Bluetooth device: four and a half hours for talking and three hours for music.

From the product description:

Exercise is about freedom, about pushing limits and enjoying doing it. Some people like to exercise while listening to music, some talk on the phone.

Who in their right mind talks on the phone while exercising? Anyway:

With the Jabra SPORT Bluetooth® stereo headset it’s easy to do both – and without the hassle of headset wires that slow you down.

Yeah, that sounds great but I’m pretty sure the wires had nothing to do with my mile time being so slow.

My terrible jokes aside, this looks to be a pretty sweet purchase. I hate having to fumble in my pocket to change songs and answer calls so this would be great.

Click here to check it out some more.

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